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Crystal Ridge Ski Area
Near Virginville, Pennsylvania

Dave P. writes in with information about Crystal Ridge, a lost ski area in Pennsylvania:

    “Crystal Ridge was located about 20 miles East of Hahn Mountain Ski Area. Crystal Ridge was started about 10 years before Hahn Mt. was developed and Crystal Ridge stopped selling tickets to the public about 3 or 4 years after Hahn Mt. opened up. Crystal Ridge would run after new snows for family members and friends only after it stopped selling tickets to the public. When it opened back in the 60’s tickets were 50 cents for the small slope and $1 for the small and large slopes. For that price you could ski from sun up to sun down. They did not have night skiing. Crystal Ridge was a great little ski area and now is over grown with trees and brush but the lodge (A-frame) still stands and has been converted into a house and someone is currently livinging in the large A-frame with the original two large fireplaces (the only heat source when the ski area was operating).

    Great site, I am glad I found it. After Crystal Ridge stopped operating I started going to Big Valley later know as Hahn Mt. This too was a great ski slope.”

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Karl Schaeffer
8 years ago
Learned to ski here when i was about 5. My father was one of the original founders. Was just at a picnic over the weekend and was with the original President who is now 88 years old. He has not been down a slope the last year or two but still cayaks as much as possible
Ned Noel
8 years ago
Hi Karl, I remember your dad taking us skiing at Crystal. He had a VW bug then that we would pile into. Like it was mentioned the only heat came from 2 open fireplaces. They also had a few lights for night sking. Was Mr. Peters the President?
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