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Rope Tow Run by Huntingdon Valley Ski Club
Near Philadephia, Pennsylvania

Ed Towill, who grew up outside of Philadelphia, writes that there used to be a small rope tow run by the Huntingdon Valley Ski Club in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Ed notes that it was not far from Pipersville, just north of New Hope.

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Ken Keefe
7 years ago
When I was a child, my family were members of the Huntington Valley Ski Club, and I remember my father taking me to this small mountain (hill), that was being prepared as their own ski place. We were building the parking lot, and us kids ran up and down the hill, there was a small shack on the hill, I think we were able to put a rope tow in as the lift. I am talking 1974-75 ?? Does that ring a bell? I don’t know where it was….any info or pictures would be great.
Ken Keefe
one year ago

I have been a member of the Huntingdon Valley Ski Club for years.  I remember the club ski hill that we built back in the 70’s.  I took movies of the club hill, chalet, rope tow, and of course the members.  I’v had the movies made into a DVD.

Kieth Keefer was asking about the hill….hope he gets this message.


one year ago

Made a mistake on the name….sorry.  The message was for Ken Keeke (kkeefe@emblemhealth.com).  Lois


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