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Guntertown Ski Resort
Near Cumberland, Maryland

Linda Gray noticed an ad for a ski area named Guntertown in the Ski Club of Washington DC’s (50th Anniversary Collectors Edition, published in 1986.) Linda writes:

    “[I noticed] on page 58 there is a 1949 ad for Guntertown Ski Resort (18 miles west of Cumberland). Claims to be the finest ski slope in the Alleghenies, 2875 feet in the sky.
Woody Bousquet writes:
A postcard from Guntertown Ski Lodge. Woody Bousquet writes: “The left margin on the left reads Guntertown, 18 miles west of Cumberland Md, Dave Gunter, Prop U.S. 40.” Photo provided by Woody Bousquet.

Ad: Seven Springs Mountain Resort

jr rice
12 years ago
(At the time there were two other ski slopes in Garrett County. Both were operated as attractions for restaurants, one at Guntertown and the other at Happy Hills on U.S. 40.)
this was in about 1947
9 years ago
Hi. Ended up here while Googling Guntertown Ski Lodge for a 1940’s era real photo postcard I found and am currently listing on Ebay for the next week starting tonite 3/7/11. You should be able to search Ebay to see a pic - if interested in seeing what the lodge looked like.
9 years ago
I bought a similar postcard less than a month ago on ebay. Interesting!
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