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Ski Slope in Harford County
Harford County, Maryland

Richard Hays, a member of the Maryland Hanggliding Association, writes about an old ski slope in Harford County:

    “There was (and is) an old (private landowner) ski slope in Harford county near Ruffs Mill Road where the rope tow lift towers still exist. It was privately owned and operated for fun. The motor housing still exists there too. Story goes that the landowner used to let people ski there for free. Lots of people would come when there was snow. Then… someone got hurt and sued them. They stopped letting people come onto their property. Later, someone snuck up and stole the rope off the lift. This site depended upon natural snowfall. Nice little hill, very steep in spots. Wide open. We have limited and special permission to fly hanggliders there now.”

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11 years ago
There is another ski slope at Eden Mill Nature center in Harford County. This one was actually a Parks and Rec operated facility but it was closed years ago due to funding I assume. If you go to the nature center, you can still see the gravel where the parking lot was and the cut where the slope is.
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