Snowy stories.
Area near Almshouse
Cockeysville, Maryland

Richard Hays remembers seeing a rope tow in Cockeysville, Maryland during the 1970s:

    “Another county park that used to have a rope tow lift was at the Almshouse in Cockeysville, Maryland. Remnants of the lift were still in place during the 70’s if I recall correctly. Nothing remotely hinting at it is evident today.”

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12 years ago
The area you refer to as the “almshouse” may be the same as the area I refer to as the “county area”; see my comments under Oregon Ridge. I have not lived in the area for over 40 years , so I am not familiar with the current local nomenclature. If it is what I think it is, it is the same building we used to call the “County Home for the Aged”. Regardless, as I said in my Oregon Ridge post, there was a rope tow there in the 1960’s and it was run by the County. It was on the east side of a hill and it had a small pond at the base. I remember skiing there several times during the early 1960’s. It was only open after a snowfall and it was quite popular. It was always interesting to look at the Equipment on display. You would see everything from the wood skis and “beartrap bindings ” of the 1940’s to the then-latest metal composite skis and step-in bindings. There was a small area to the left (facing downhill) where you could turn the break-in -slope into a small ski jump. Since this is the area where I learned to ski I’m interested in getting it right in the historical record.
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