There's snow tellin'.
Area at Eden Mill
Harford County, Maryland

Richard Hays, a member of the Maryland Hanggliding Association, writes about an old ski area at Eden Mill in Harford County, although he can’t remember the exact name of the ski area:

    “There was one big wide open slope area at the top. Probably about 100 yards long. Very gentle sloping and serviced by a rope tow lift. Then… that wide open area arrived atop two very steep drops, which leveled out to the parking lot below. The site depended on natural snowfall. I flew off of them in my hangglider back in 1976. I was looking for a suitable place to teach beginner pilots, but the slope was too steep for that purpose at the bottom, and too shallow at the far back. Picture Oregon Ridge, but on a much smaller scale. The rope tow poles and hubs were still there. I don’t recall seeing the motor housing. The top part is now a corn field and the steep drops at the bottom are now overgrown with trees.”

In early February, 2007, Richard visited the Eden Mill area, and sent the following update:

    “Slopes are totally overgrown. And… the bottom area is now a small forest too. The upper, gently sloping beginner area is now a meadow. All of the property is now a park.”

While visiting Eden Mill, Richard spoke with someone who confirmed the ski area’s operation. Richard also provided the following photo, which shows him hanggliding over one of the slopes at Eden Mill. “There was another slope to the right of this one, and was where the rope tow was located,” Richard writes. “This is the bottom ‘steep’ part.”

Richard Hays hanggliding over Eden Mill in the 1970’s. Photo provided by Mr. Frank Marsden.

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