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Area near Mt. Davis
Near Mt. Davis, Pennsylvania

DCSki reader Kevin Shearer has some memories of a ski slope near Mt. Davis, Pennsylvania, although we haven’t yet determined the area’s name:

    “I remembered another Lost Ski Area in Pennsylvania. I came across this place in the fifth grade when our school took a retreat to the Dear Valley YMCA near Mt. Davis (the highest point in PA). One day we did a hike from the camp to the peak. Right outside the main access road I remember we walked up a small slope that our teacher said was once a ski area. I remember there were rope tow towers along the side of the field. My memory is now a little fuzzy but I believe he said this was one of the first ski areas in PA. The bottom half of the ski area was pretty flat but at the top I remember it got really steep. I remember that all of us fifth graders had trouble doing that steep part but our teacher powered right up it. At the top of the hill we entered an unmarked trail into the woods that came out right by the main access road to the observation tower for Mt. Davis. The entire walk couldn’t have been more than 2-3 miles (from camp to summit). I tried looking it up on the Terra server and I think I found it here. The vertical drop look to be about 100 feet. I think the resort is only the top 25% of the big open field. There appears to be a fence line there that could have been the lift. I remember the hill to be pretty rectangular so this top 25% would match my memory.”

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Greg Nagy
15 years ago
I don’t know about a Mt Davis, bu the YMCA reference jogged a memory. At one point, Camp Soles in Rockwood PA had some sort of surface tow on a hill, and I rememebr them being mentioned from time to time as a ski site in the Pittsburgh papers growing up. I believe the only thing Camp Soles has now is cross country skiing WITH a telemark hill.
14 years ago
The history of Deer Valley, mentioning the ski area being a in service between 1938 and 1940 can be found at

The history of Camp Soles, mentioning a Ski lodge, but not the slopes, can be found at
Bill Boucher
14 years ago
Camp Soles had a Poma lift and closed about 1975
bill erdman
14 years ago
Sharp Mountain…Pottsville,pa. Also Big Valley Ski Area….Lenhartsville,pa..between Hamburg And Allentown,pa along Interstate 78 off exit rt143 north towards Kempton,pa.
Tim B
13 years ago
It might have been the Deer Valley Tubing Park. Unless it’s changed in the last couple of years, I’m almost positive it is rectangular and, since it’s at Deer Valley, is located on or around Mt. Davis.
Tabitha Watt
13 years ago
Has anyone heard of an old ski lodge in kempton PA? It has been closed for a while.
13 years ago
See the entry for Hahn Mountain/Big Valley.
Blue Knob John
12 years ago
Could this place be called Glade knob?

I never realized there were so many old ski areas. I knew about White Mountain from my years as an instructor at 7 springs
12 years ago
Ooops. posted Glade Knob to a snowjournal thread, but never passed it on to Scott. I am still trying to do research on a number of lost ski areas in the area between Frostburg, MD and Donegal/Somerset. For a couple pics of Glade Knob from this summer, go to
9 years ago
hi again one ski area not on your site is a small area only lasting about a season or two called Calimont. it was located near Berlin PA. just south east of somerset. when i was patrol leader at white mt we had a ski patrol test there to help them get some exposure. dont know what ever became it it was asmall narrow hill i dont remember the verts.
Scott Hillegas
9 years ago
Glade Knob Ski Area was owned and operated by my Aunt & Uncle for about 4 or 5 ski seasons from about 1965 to 1970. Coincidentally I was with my 75 yr old Aunt this past weekend and I was asking her about this very thing. I was between 6 and 10 yrs. old when they operated the one rope tow ski hill, on Mt. Davis in Somerset County, PA. I learned to ski on that hill. They were never able to turn a profit on that venture and decided to get out of it before it ate them up financially. I grew up at the base of Mt. Davis in Meyersdale, PA.
Gary J Johnson
8 years ago
The Winter-2011 “Journal of the New England Ski Museum” featured an article on “ski trains” operating in the 1930’s. According to the article, the Baltimore & Ohio R.R. took skiers from Washington D.C. to Meyersdale, PA where they skied at a farmsite in Glencoe, PA owned by a Simon Webreck.
They also skied at Deer Valley on a hill serviced by a 700 foot cable driven railway ski tow built by a Golon B. Harris there. In a photo provided, the cars appear to be riding on standard railroad gauge. They are simple open platforms with benches to accommodate several skiers. The operation apparently lasted only through the 1938 season.
6 years ago

I found the tubing/ sled rope tow.  It must been used by the Deer Valley Camp.  It looked like it’s in useable condition. 

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