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Indian Lake
Indian Lake, Pennsylvania

John D. writes the following about a lost ski area located at Indian Lake, Pennsylvania:

    “After doing a bit of on-line research, it appears that there was a very vibrant ski area located at Indian Lake, PA in the 60’s and early 70’s. The resort’s newsletter also references a “ski pro” at the resort named Willi. This is the same Willi who went on to establish the Willi’s ski shops around the Pittsburgh area. I knew Willi when I was a ski instructor at Seven Springs many years ago. I also remember other ski instructors referencing skiing at Indian Lake.”

Smoke Signals was a monthly newsletter distributed by the Indian Lake Lodge. Archives of some these newsletters, which mentioned the ski area activities, are available at:

Lee S. provides his recollection of Indian Lake:

    “One area that I cut my first runs on is Indian Lake Ski Area. This area was located in Somerset County, close to the Flight 93 memorial site. The ski area closed like many areas in the early 70s but the resort is still thriving. This link to Google Maps shows where the slopes were. The area had 2 Poma lifts, and a rope. What was really cool about this resort was how you could ski right down to the lake… Like Homewood Ski area in Tahoe.

    I visited the area last summer and took some photos. Although they built some homes on one of the runs and a road on another, there were still some signs of the ski area (lift towers).”

Photo provided by Lee S.
Photo provided by Lee S.
Photo provided by Lee S.
Photo provided by Lee S.

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7 years ago
good pics… looks like nice hike… just checked out the topo map… looks like about 150’ vert
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