There's snow tellin'.
Convid-19 Shuts down much of the ski on slope/in resort activities
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4 months ago

Take a look at my recent post on the Snowshoe thread for details.

i suggest we not bemoan the closures based on our emotional response to skiing effectively being shut down perhaps for the rest of the season, but rather recognize that this will result in fewer people being exposed to the virus, spreading the virus, etc.  it is basically near impossible to maintain the recommended 6+ feet distance we should stay apart while in line for or riding a lift. Or when living life at a ski resort!!!  
This action will limit exposures to the virus for employees and customers, probably save lives (even your life)!!!

HELP!!  If anyone can figure out how to copy my referenced post on the SS thread to this thread, please do so!!!!!

Take care and stay well!!

MorganB aka The Colonel

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