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Timberline Mountain Event on March 17
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Updated 4 months ago
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4 months ago

Ths new owners of Timberline Mountain are holdig a press conference/media event at 1 PM on March 17 at Timberline Lodge.  There will be a reception followiing at 5PM at CVR.   Just thought folks would like to know.  

Media Event


4 months ago

I thought the original announcement indicated it was all to be held at CVR?!

4 months ago

1 PM at timberline mountain, media event.

5 PM at CVR for a reception

This is what the two different announcements read.  I think they will show folks wht will go where for the media event.  Where else is better than at the actual site?   I’m not sure who is paying for the reception but I do know that their folks have met with Steve at CVR and both are considering a joint venture for publicity.  We’ll see what cooks out.  I’m speculating but optomistic.  Hope Whitegrass is a part of whatever they come up with. With 3 ski areas in the valley, it’s big.   


4 months ago

New TL Perfect management has announced cancellation of the March 17 press conference and reception due to the Convid-19 virus! They promise to use social media and press releases to detail their plans and purchases for the New TL 2021 during this week.

4 months ago

Any word from Perfect TL (PTL)? Today is the 17th, maybe having a problem getting cancelled briefing data onto social media sites, or the PTL site itself. Or perhaps, worse case, PTL is trying to assess schedule delays caused by the Covid-19 virus.

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