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September 29 skiing (sort of)
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Updated 10 months ago
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Denis - DCSki Supporter
10 months ago

The quixotic quest to ski in every month for 12 continuous months continues.  September is the hardest month.  Yesterday I got skis on snow, but not much more.  It was new snow, last month it was old snow at Mt. Hood.  The storm that brought massive snow to MT, ID, WY and other places in the interior northwest barely brushed by Tahoe.  I managed a handful of clutch and lurch turns on about 100 ft. swath of snow; an inch of snow over grass and rocks.  I did this kind of thing at Whitegrass for years on the first autumn snow.  It was fun and surprisingly easy.  The trouble which I have now figured out is that Tahoe is not Whitegrass.  The open slope at Whitegrass is groomed as smooth as a baby’s bottom before the first flake falls.  Volunteer work crews do the work on autumn weekends, clearing deadfall, rocks, and even thistles from the open slope in front of the lodge, as well as many trails.  Which trails?  Well, join a work crew and find out for yourself.  Every farmer knows that a field will grow a new crop of rocks every year, and storms will bring down new deadfall from the trees.  

10 months ago

Buddy of mine from Laurel Highlands.  Completed 12 months last weekend in the Chic Choc Mtns.  #skitheeasteverymonth.

Denis - DCSki Supporter
10 months ago

Nice.  Even more special to do it in the east.  I’m trying for the contiguous 48.  I’ve never been to theChicChocs.  Seems like a great choice.

Places where I’ve done summer and early fall skiing, in no particular order.

mt. Washington, NH

mt. Hood, OR

st. Mary’s Glacier, CO

tioga Pass, CA

mt. Conness, CA

loveland Pass, CO,

isabel Glacier, Indian peaks wilderness, CO

rollins pass, CO

mt. Shasta, CA

beartooth Pass, WY/MT

and of course, Whitegrass, WV, once in September about 20 years ago.


10 months ago

I completed my 12 months one September many moons ago on the road through Smuggler’s Notch in Vermont on 1 inch of snow. Hey, it counts, right? We were pretty excited about it  :)

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