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NIGHT TRACKER - FOR 8 -18 yr old Replacement for NCC Night Club Card
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4 months ago

Good Day all,

The NCC was a super program which started as a kid only program. Many of us adults got a great deal.

Based on my motto ” Ski cheap ” if you have transport and can go more then 6 times a season this program can save the most.

Keep in mind these facts: the avg NCC skidome member went 6 or less times. If you go 3 or less the 3x will be cheper but not checper at night.  The AVG NCC users was 4 visits.  RUN your numbers adn pick the best = chepest. 

NIGHT TRACKER - good at Liberty, Whitetail and Roundtop. 4pm to 10pm Mon-sat 3pm to 10pm Sunday.

SKIDOME - we can help you with long range/ short range weather. On snow reports, events. training and free racing information.

We post in FB, Blog, Tweet, Instagram and Web site

We have run a successful program since 1997. 

3 months ago

Good News as of october 9th, 2019 - OFFICIAL INFO 

The Night tracker is now available to all ages. NO option for advantage / 40% off. Refund for other passes will be announced and sign up on line soon.   Go to this link and  use the email form to get on the wait list. Once online ready notification will be announced.



Ad: Seven Springs Mountain Resort

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