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Gondola cable cut in Canada, sending cars crashing to the ground in 'deliberate act,' police say
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9 months ago

At Squamish, BC — not at a ski area, but off the road to WB - the Sea to SKy highway north of Vancouver

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
9 months ago

From what was posted on Liftblog, seems as if the event happened in the middle of the night.

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
9 months ago

A bit more background about the Sea to Sky gondola.  The cable that was cut is 55mm in diameter, six strands.  Someone had to hike and climb a tower in the dark to reach it.  Possible that all 200 people who work during the summer will have to be laid off.  That includes staff who work at the weddings and other events held at the top, which have had to be moved to other venues.

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