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Any trampoline place in DMV for snowboarding training?
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one year ago

I have read training on trampoline helps develop air awareness and help you learn rotations, spins and flips for snowboard. Any trampoline place in DMV area that you can bring in a training board to do that?

one year ago

I joined the local gymnastics club to use their tramps and coaches for training when I competed in USSA Freestyle.  Was way back in the early 80s in Minnesota but I’d think that would still be a possibile option just about anywhere.


Liberty Snoplex has jumps.. and maybe a water ramp??  Not sure about the water ramp..

one year ago

Liberty Snowplex looks like the exact place I am looking for, but it’s 3 and 1/2 hours away. I will check local gym clubs in DC. Thank you for the valuable tips!

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