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Peak Resorts (and Whitetail was great yesterday)
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one year ago

Boarded at Whitetail yesterday.  I really wanted to ask management about what they know about Peak integration next year.  I spoke to the customer service manager (I think), I think her name was Karen or Kathy.  Like all employees at the ‘Tail, very customer focused.  She said the Snowtime resorts are lobbying for continution of something like the Advantage card.  I asked what customers could do.  She mentioned providing feed back and customer reviews migth help.  

Great spring skiing in the morning. By 11ish the conditions got pretty variable with lots of sticky spots popping up on skiers left and center of runs.  Hanging on the right side made a difference as it was out of the direct sun.  I was there to learn to conquer boxes (16 of 20 runs were through the parks).  Jib Junction had two jumps (one big and one little and one big hump.  After the jumps there was a row of three features and then another row of three features, there were a few rails and some aframe, regular boxes and c boxes.  At the bottom right by the lift was a nice feature with a flat top and a sorta quarter pipe thing going on.  Had fun and feel comfortable on boxes now.  Talked to the park crew as the day was quiet (they were testing their products). 

Green park had a really nice set of three kickers that you could hit as well as some mixed boxes too.  

I think that park crews are artists!


one year ago

I don’t think any of the peak resorts are RFID. But a direct to lift RFID card that just bills your credit card when you go through the gate would be nice.  I don’t see it happening soon, but it would be convenient. I’m sure there would be some work involved in billing for 4/8/all day tickets, but seems possible.

Hopefully PEAK not only keeps the existing advantage card and mountain passport programs, but provides options for the NE resorts as well

one year ago

Pretty sure all the Peak Resorts are RFID.  

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
one year ago

oldensign wrote:

Pretty sure all the Peak Resorts are RFID.  

I don’t think so in the northeast.  Definitely not Wildcat and Attitash.  Don’t think Hunter has RFID either.  Was far more important to spend money on the new lift.

More and more ski areas in the northeast are installing RFID but it’s still a minority.  Sugarbush, Stowe, Killington have all gone to RFID in recent years.  Jiminy Peak and Waterville Valley are a couple of the smaller resorts that have had RFID for a while.  Makes adding a day by buying online easier.

https://www.newenglandskiindustry.com/viewstory.php?storyid=621 - 2017

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