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JimK - DCSki Columnist
7 months ago

Wow, is this from a pineapple express?  7 feet of snow coming to Kirkwood??  Hope some of that moisture continues to UT and CO…and Blue KNob:-)

Denis - DCSki Supporter
7 months ago

I haven’t yet heard this one called a Pineapple Express, but it has all the signs of one.  For right now the storm door is open and pacific storms laden with moisture are coming onshore every few days.  They run into 7000-10000 feet of vertical relief in the Tahoe area.  The result is massive snow dumps.  So far it is looking like a good year.  Most storms have been cold with a low snow line.  This will create a deep snowpack over a large area, much to the benefit of California ‘s water situation in the coming year.  Only snow does us much lasting good.  Rain quickly runs off.  This of course means rain in the city and I hear complaints.  Bah Humbug. City dwellers should be as happy as skiers with this weather.  It benefits us all.

giving it a little more thought, Pineapple Express storms originate near Hawaii, our storms so far this season originate and pick up their moisture in the gulf of Alaska.

7 months ago

oy - and me i am in Merritt Island FL right now grrrr ….

7 months ago

Homewood’s reporting 23” in the last 24 hours, with much more on the way.

Denis - DCSki Supporter
7 months ago

Tahoe area skiers and riders need this site,


it is real time within 15 minutes.  The major roads across the range near Tahoe are 80, 50, 88.  Just enter the number and go.  80 = I80 crosses at Donner Pass, 50 crosses at Echo summit (Californians often call a pass a summit, a misnomer), 88 crosses at Carson Pass.  The passes south of Carson, Monitor, Ebbets, Sonora, and Tioga are closed for the winter.  They will reopen in late May +/- a few weeks.  In winter you can’t access Mammoth from Sacramento or the Bay Area without driving through Tahoe then south on 395.

7 months ago
Non stop action…I check out the radar at least twice a day and everyday there is that blue stripe down the spine of the Sierra!…its El Nino related..not pineapple but a river of Pacific Moisture…Unlimited!!
7 months ago

There was one that had a graphical representation of the area, with I-80 and US-50 showing.  They had icons over various points where you can get a quick idea what was going on, with the ability to mouse over for more info.  You could even see what the electronic signs were saying at a given time.

Can’t remember the link off hand, but it was very useful.

7 months ago

Denis wrote:

This too;


Was quite sad reading the post-mortem examinations there whenver there was a fatality involved. Very educational though with the explanations and pictures.

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