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What's new at PA resorts for 2018-2019
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7 days ago

Here’s a consolidated press release from the Ski PA site listing the improvements made at all PA resorts for the coming year.

Snowmaking improvements seem to be the general rule, and some resorts have added new terrain.

7 days ago

What captured my attention was that place in Edinboro, PA - Mt. Pleasant.  All these years living in W PA / NE OH and I never heard of it.  

That place seems PERFECT for my two 4 year old grand kids to get some extra time on the slopes.  

6 days ago

Long time Lurker here, just wanted to say that yes, Mt Pleasant in Edinboro is perfect for kids, and hell, at 49 years old, I still hit it a day or 2 each season, it’s like going back in time!

5 days ago

Looks like seven springs has turned the snow guns on.

4 days ago

snowsmith wrote:

Looks like seven springs has turned the snow guns on.


Seven Springs 11.10[1732].jpg


Stowe Slope 11.10.18.jpg

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