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Lift upgrades and more Summer 2018
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marzNC - DCSki Supporter
7 months ago

A lot of construction related to upgrades going on across U.S. ski resorts in all regions.  The recent Powder article only mentions a sample.  Mainly destination resorts like Killington, Tremblant, Park City, and W-B, but also noted Hunter expansion and what’s going on at Red Mountain, Loveland, and A-Basin.


The glaring omission that’s not surprising given Powder’s audience is what’s happening at Magic.  The replacement of the Green chair is will underway.  Permitting for the Black chair replacement should be complete in time for installation to begin in August.

6 months ago

Magic is the most happnin ski area in NE (not nebraska)!  Check out AlpineZone forums. Real hill, serious personnel.

6 months ago

Liberty bought a refurbed triple the terrain park, but it doesn’t look like it’ll go in until summer 2019.

5 months ago
Roundtop is hinting at an announcement coming soon on their FB page with a video focused on the beginner side of the mountain. Speculation is that they’re going to open up some new terrain over there.
5 months ago

On FB, Roundtop said they’ll be making the annoucement on Sept 24th.

Digging thru some data on Google and with the banter back and forth with their GM, my money’s still on their opening up new terrain on the west side of the hill.  I’m predicting at 3 least thru blue or black runs and a chairlift to support them.

Rationale for it is discussed on FB. ;)

5 months ago

I think Scott menitoned it back in the spring, but Whitetail put 17 new snowguns (the yellow techno-alpin ones) on Limelight, which IMO will be a huge improvement, that trail has not been open very much in the last few years.

5 months ago

I noticed the Powder Monkey upper station at Snowshoe has been dismantled, including the bull-wheel removed, all summer.  Preventive mantainance I suppose but my hopes are they’re adding another gear or two!

5 months ago

Yeah, I remember seeing that.  Both Whitetail and Liberty put out press releases shortly after the season ended.

4 months ago

Snowshoe had their new low-energy stick guns arrive at the resort today (Instagram). According their response, “They will be in a lot of different spots, but qie a few are headed to Shay’s (the flat betweeen Upper and Lower, and the run-out after Lower)”. 

The combination of the stick and Titan fans should make for a fun Western Territory Winter at the Shoe.

4 months ago
Yeah I saw them getting off-loaded from trucks at TOW parking lot.
4 months ago

Roundtop just posted pics of the arrival of their big new fan guns.

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
4 months ago

Not exactly summer news, but I didn’t realize that Whitetail is hoping voters will pass two referendums in November that would allow the sale of alcoholic drinks at the ski resort and the golf course.


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