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PA State Park Plans for Denton Hill Ski Area Announced
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Updated 9 months ago
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9 months ago

Bureau of PA State Parks Director John Hallas was on hand at a public meeting held at the Denton Hill Lodge on May 23 to discuss plans for the rehabilitation of the ski resort near Coudersport in northwestern PA. There is $12 million available for a project that is estimated to cost $18 million. Plans include replacing both chairs with a new lift, new surface lifts, regrading trails, and $7.8 million for a revamped snowmaking system that covers 100% of the trails. Details can be found in this article:



marzNC - DCSki Supporter
9 months ago

Reminded me that I ran across mention of the short, steep section at Denton Hill a few years ago and asked about it.


Hope it works out to get Denton re-opened.

9 months ago

That would be a nice bone for that part of the state - not much skiing up that way without a haul to NY or the Poconos.

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