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Killington to run the gondola this weekend !!
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11 months ago

Killington is running 2 high speeds and the gondola. Lift tickets are $45 on line! Come join me!!

“Our original lift plan for this weekend, based on what we’ve done in past years, was to run only the Superstar Express Quad. But with much better snow coverage than we’ve had in previous years, we have decided to take some of your suggestions and add the K-1 Express Gondola Friday through Sunday, and the Canyon Quad Saturday and Sunday”

Here is what is still open up here!!!

Sunday River - Barker lift open this weekend. Closing Sunday.
Sugarloaf - Main mountain open this weekend. Weekend operations through May 6th.

New Hampshire
Wildcat - Open top to bottom this weekend. Weekends only, no closing date announced.

Jay Peak - Stateside lifts open this weekend. Jet open daily through May 6th.
Killington - K1, Canyon, and Superstar lifts open this weekend. Superstar open daily through May 6th, then Friday-Sunday operations.
Sugarbush - Lincoln Peak lifts open this weekend. Weekend operations through May 6th.

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