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Beech Mountain Improvements
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one year ago

Beech is making some big investments in their lift infrastructure:

one year ago

Bout time.  Maybe too little too late?  At least a decade of being notirous for lift breakdowns and not offereng refunds when the only lift to the summit and 60% of the terrain goes down several times each season.  Hope it gets done though.  Such a cool place and nice terrain for the southeast.  I’ll definitely check it out next season.

one year ago

Fixed grip makes sense. Liftblog did not mention cost? The existing lifts are ancient, almost as old as the ones at Timberline.

one year ago

There is s touch if irony to add here.  I heard Sugar’s NEW six pack broke down all day last weekend in March.  It’s usually Beech that is notorious for lift problems.

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