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23 days ago

It looks like Liberty is planning on staying open until 5 pm on Saturday - do folks think it really will make it, considering the weather for the next few days (rain/warm temps). I’m a snowboarding noob (just started late this season) but would love to get in one last day this weekend relatively close to DC. I’d be willing to make a trip to Snowshoe if that is really the only option.

23 days ago

7 springs will be open and it looks like they have decent snowpack still.

If you doing mainly green trails I would think liberty (depending on conditions) or 7 springs might be better. Snowshoe is my home resort in the area, but the greens there are very narrow and have several large switchbacks. If you are comfortable on blues…Snowshoe might be worth the trip as there are plenty of nice blues in the basin. IMO silver creek has a much better selection of trails for beginners and is way less crowded, (closed for the season) so keep that in mind for next season.

22 days ago

If you’re willing to make the drive to 7 Springs or Snowshoe, I’d do it. I was at Liberty this Saturday and the conditions were decent enough (I had a great time) but the bare patches were showing then and have only gotten bigger and temps are going to be reaching 60 with rain at Liberty tomorrow and Friday.

21 days ago

what about the poconos? how will they be this weekend? Im considering going some where for a final day this weekend and was thinking about camelback.

21 days ago

You have to give Liberty tons of credit for their efforts to remain open.   There is a really good crowd there today even with the very warm and rainy earlier weather.    Definitely looks like they can hang on two more days.   I am sure this has to be the latest they have ever closed.   Glad they’ve still had the crowds to support it.  

21 days ago

Thanks for the update mdr227. It’s warm today and tomorrow, so I’d love any further reports anybody has through late tomorrow before I decide to head to Liberty Saturday AM and find it’s all down to grass. (I could potentially do 7 springs, but the trip there and back would take up a lot of potential riding time (and I can’t stay overnight Saturday night, otherwise I would definitely go further from DC).

21 days ago

im planning on heading to liberty tomorrow morning and can post an update in the afternoon.

20 days ago

Liberty was pretty bad day, especially on the beginner runs. Lots of ice. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone still learning how to ride.

20 days ago

It is truly amazing to me that Liberty and even Bryce (with two trails that are probably 15 feet wide it looks like) are still open at the end of March while Wisp, Wintergreen, CV and Timberline are all closed.   Never thought I would see that.   Had we not hit this warm spell the last few days the snow conditions probably could have held on one more week at Liberty.  

20 days ago

Liberty closed on April 1 in 1994 and would have been open on Sunday if Easter had fallen on a different Sunday.  I am biased, but Liberty spent a lot of money on later than usual snowmaking to stay open and deserves lots of credit.  While the March 20th storm was a huge boost, providing over a 100 days of skiing in this area is really amazing.

20 days ago
Just think how great it would be without the warming planet!…Snowing up at Canaan right now..but they closed a month ago….
20 days ago

7 springs is going to open Monday as well as next weekend. Although I really think the trails off Gunnar that were rarely open this winter are the best trails there I’ll give them credit for opening the core trails on the front side on the 7/8 weekend of April!

19 days ago

Thanks everyone. I’ve reluctantly decided not to go to Liberty today.

Guess it is time to accept the fact that the season is over and move on to mountain biking until next winter.

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