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Who want to be a Grooming Pilot?
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An interesting read on how snow grooming started. 

“The gravity-powered Packer-Grader weighed about 700 lb and was steered by a skier. The technique: go straight down the fall line, depending on the blade for speed control. At Winter Park, Bradley sent teams of “pilots” down the mogul fields in V-formation, like a squadron of fighter planes. According to Groswold, they earned 25 cents an hour “combat pay” over and above the trail crew wage. Rig and pilot returned to the top of the hill via T-bar.”

Wow. Just Wow.






one year ago
The first place I ever skied..high up in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco they would bring in the Army to stomp the snow down…45 years ago..leather strap bindings….good ole days!
one year ago

I was told Laurel Mountain had a skier hauled mogul planner in the 1950,s.  blade cut tops off moguls and it dropped into the trough below. never saw it or a picture

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