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Skiing at Liberty on the First Day of Spring (20 March 2018)
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… was tremendous!

Very few people (except employees) were there when we arrived at 12:45 p.m.  The scene looked more like an 8:45 a.m. arrival.  Liberty had received around 4” before we arrived.  Fluffy snow.  About 4 more inches fell while we were there.  Great skiing, and few people on the runs.

Getting there from Winchester VA was a challenge.  Our usual 1:15 drive ended up taking nearly 3:00.  One accident on I 81 near Martinsburg WV held things up for about 45 minutes.  PA routes not cleared nearly as well as MD routes.  PA 16 had only the eastbound lane cleared, and vehicles were stopped — waiting, or slip-sliding away on the westbound lane.  A plow for PA 16 arrived as we made the turn onto Jacks Mtn Road for Liberty.  We wondered how the plow could do its work with all the cars and semis parked on PA 16 westbound.  :((

Getting back home, starting at 6 pm, was not so bad b/c we stuck to four-lane roads:  US 15 south, I 70 west, I 81 south.

Get out there if you think you and your vehicle can handle the road conditions on Thursday.  Wednesday looks difficult, if not impossible.  It will be tricky, so allow plenty. of time and watch out for the others out there.

It ain’t over ‘til …


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