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Snowshoe road conditions
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one year ago

Any thoughts on what the road conditions at SS will tomorrow? If I go I may not have access to out AWD vehicle, so i may have to use the FWD.

one year ago

I drove up on Tuesday night and back yesterday afternoon (from DC). The roads were fine yesterday afternoon - very well treated and mostly clear of snow. The only time I felt I needed to be below the speed limit was descending from Snowshoe and on WV-66 right near the entrance. 66 was fine even before Cass. 28 was almost totally clear the whole way.

Tuesday night was a completely different story. The roads were okay but not great. Visibility was a real problem.

I have 4wd, by the way. That made a difference on Tuesday night but not on Wednesday.

one year ago

Imo, tires matter way more than AWD, at least for 90% of the trip.  I’ve had AWD for years, but have made the trip plenty of times in FWD before that.  In all but the deepest snow, the only issues I’ve seen for an experienced driver has been the last 20 minutes from Cass up the mountain.  If roads are bad, maybe drive the extra 20 minutes to go to the front entrance, which isn’t as steep.

If you are in a FWD sports car or have summer tires, all bets are off.  

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