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Kudos to those making snow!
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15 days ago

Very pleased to see that HV is “all in” for the remainder of the season!  Guns blazing!



14 days ago

 I looked at their cams last weekend and was shocked to see how much snow they had.  Any idea how long they plan to stay open?



14 days ago

rumor is full weekday operation for at least another week, with north sumit online for weekends. snoguns on tracker crossover to north summit  on last nite. excellent skiing yesterday. great snomaking system small hill.  Boyce park is also fully open

14 days ago

Go Boyce Go! 

Yinzers Ski’n?

14 days ago

Guns a blazin again tonight. I am hoping my shoulder heals in time. Seven Springs commits to providing a great ski experience.

13 days ago

Snowshoe leads the pack when it comes to making snow and providing the best possible slope conditions!  And it’s only going to get better next season with the multi million dollar upgrade to their snowmaking capability with 70 plus new guns and the automating of the system!!!  Way to go Shoe!!! Guns a blazing again tonight, even at Silver Creek!!

DC sliders, come get it now and until the end of March!!!

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