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Big Sky Ballin Out
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Updated 9 months ago
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9 months ago

Big Sky will be installing the first high speed bubble 8 pack in North America. Awesome to see.

9 months ago

That’s awesome, I’m super psyched.  

<quick pause to make fun of the 1980’s-era video.  It looks like they used a Comodore 64 to make that animation!>

But seriously, I love bubble lifts, and wish they had more in the US.  Such a nice way to stay warm on the mountain.

Might make us visit next season!

9 months ago

Really I sorry am not a fan of bubble chairs. Mt Snow has is fine when not full but it get kind of claustrophic when full.

8 people is lot of breathing in a confined space.  The six is hard enough to load. eight will be tough but more power to them! 

more trail maps on chairs is something I would like to see!

9 months ago

“more trail maps on chairs is something I would like to see!”

OMG YES!  I run across them at Copper, and a few other places- far FAR nicer to plan your route with others that way, instead of pulling out the ripped paper map, freezing you hands in the process, and just barely getting your glove back on before getting off the chair.

9 months ago

Like the chair mounted trail map; just keep the scale small covering just the area around that particular chair.  Otherwise too hard to read if large scale!

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
9 months ago

I’m more interested in the news that the Shedhorn lift will be replaced with a quad.  Current ride time is 10 minutes and that will be cut in half.

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
9 months ago

My daughter got to ride the bubble lift over on the Spanish Peaks side and liked it.  The other bubble lift is near the Lone Peak tram and bowl.  Hoping to check that out next season.  Just need to decide whether to get the new Ikon pass or the MCP.

9 months ago

Pull my finger!

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