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9 months ago

Ok I am all for this pass war we have going on but the “Primo” pass that allows you to cut the line. That is too much for me.


I don’t want to sound like a winey “snowflake”.  Capitalism works I get it but really. But cutting the lines seems too far for me. If you don’t like lines don’t ski in prime time. Or use the single line. As a card carrying member of the great unwashed, I would gladly throw the first snowball at primo passers.  


 ”C’mon man. What we doin’ out here man?” - Brian Orakpo

9 months ago

I respect your opinion on the primo but I’d appreciate if you’d make an exception for this fellow dcskier standing in the primo line when you fire off that first snowball.

Not liking the primo pass is one thing but suggesting “we” not ski during prime time is a bit much.

“I just want to say – you know – can we all get along? - Rodney King May 1, 1992

9 months ago

Oh I get it the “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” line. 

Come on man, even Vail and Aspen dont have a “cutzys” line. 

West Virgina I thought you were better than that. 


9 months ago

The people I know with the Primo pass are families with school-age children.  They generally have to ski on weekends and holidays, and don’t have the luxury of using the singles’ line.  Plus, the kids are often more comfortable skiing the basin, which puts them on lifts like Ballhooter.

Places like Disney and Universal have been doing this for years.

Of course, I’d prefer it if they would just add uphill lift capacity.  We’ve had this debate before, but I don’t think the issue is slope crowding as much as chokepoints around Ballhooter.  

Lastly, I’ll say that anything that separates serious enthusiasts from the “hat people” (I stole that from another thread) is probably ok in my book.  That’s not meants as a pejorative; the sport needs participants and enthusiasts.  But having a tier system of participation (starting at drunk college students who snowboard once a year and leading to the type of people on this board) is good too.

9 months ago

Skiing seperates us by ability and not income.  Thank God Snowshoe has figured out how to lift up the proletariat and keep down the bourgeoisie.

9 months ago

Reisen wrote:

Places like Disney and Universal have been doing this for years.

So have airlines, highways (DC beltway), concert venues, etc.

Of course, I’d prefer it if they would just add uphill lift capacity. 


I have no problem with it.  Obviously there’s a demand so any smart business will accomadate.  It’s good they limit numbers sold.  I haven’t seen a negative impact to the commoners line.


marzNC - DCSki Supporter
9 months ago

Wintergreen has had a separate lift line for property owners for years.  Only property owners can get a season pass that includes Saturdays during Jan-Feb.  Lift served skiing at small ski areas or resorts has to be based on sensible business decisions that work for the local market.

Power Mountain in Utah limits the number of season passes and the number of day tickets.  Deer Valley isn’t going to be unlimited for Ikon pass holders, even the ones paying $899.  Most people who live in Utah probably don’t care.  There is a lot of variation on how to operate a ski resort for the long term.  But like real estate, location matters.

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