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Proposed 2026 (make that 2030) Denver Winter Olympics
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Updated 11 months ago
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one year ago

the view from the mountains seems to be “hell no.”

one year ago

They way they get run NOBODY wants them anymore.  I’m beginning to think that every G20 nation who sends a decent sized team to compete should be REQUIRED to maintain suitible facilities and be in a lottery to decide who HAS to host each round.  Hosting the Olympics should be decided like Jury Duty hahahaha.  It’s your sporting duty to be available to do it when called upon to do so short of extremely extenuating circumstances like a full scale civil war..

11 months ago

Looks like there’s been a shift. Now he group is trying for a bid on the 2030 winter games.

11 months ago

“The report estimated the cost for the (3 week) games to hit $1.86 billion”

Help me with the math. How many skier visits are there annually?  Divided in to $1.86 Billion = what’s the price of a lift ticket now? LOL

11 months ago

snow.buck wrote:

“The report estimated the cost for the (3 week) games to hit $1.86 billion”


I wonder what fantasy world they live in. 

Vancouver cost 6.4 billion

 Sochi cost 16 billion 


P yeongchang is forcest to cost 12.9 billion


11 months ago

So I bet, for the next few years,  lift tickets will have to be well over a HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!! lol Lol LOL

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