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Conditions at Liberty Tomorrow?
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Updated 9 months ago
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9 months ago

Hi all - has anyone been to Liberty recently? I’m looking at going night riding tomorrow, and trying to get a read on conditions. 

Today’s snow report was “groomed frozen granular.” Should tomorrow be icy at all, given the temps in the 50s and the overnight low of 38? Or should it be softer, more spring condition snow? 


9 months ago

I went to Liberty and skied in the pouring rain this past Saturday.  I was suprised at just how much snow they had left on the backside.  It was actually a bit icy in places once the top layer of corn got pushed to the side of the trails, but overall it was skiable. 

9 months ago

Should definitely be soft conditions with temps around 60 today and not dropping too quickly at night.   Liberty has done an amazing job this Winter keeping almost all of their terrain open to this point while so many other resorts (esp CV and Timberline) have closed during the week and others like Wisp, Snowshoe, etc. have lost a number of trails.    Looks like Liberty can hang on another week or two at least.  

9 months ago

Thanks, guys - the conditions sound decent, given all of the terrible weather! I’ll post an update after my trip tonight. 

9 months ago

Update:  the conditions were great! While the front side of the mountain has taken a beating in recent weeks, the backside (i.e. intermediate/advanced terrain) had surprisingly good coverage. 

Except for Sidewinder (which narrowed to about 15’ in the final stretch), every trail had full coverage, and the soft snow conditions were very forgiving.  Very few icy spots. For those that like moguls, Upper and Lower Eastwind had some nice bumps. 

I don’t know what the wind/rain this weekend will do to the mouontain, but I’d recommend trying to get out to Liberty in the next few days. 

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