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Wintergreen open next week...
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one year ago

…and they will make snow when conditions allow:


Midweek 4 hour lift lickets are $29.00. I am planning on getting up there on Tuesday if work allows. 



one year ago

Got up to wintergreen for a couple hours this morning. Bluebird day. Upper Cliff/lower turkey combo in the highlands open, as well as Eagles Swoop (but no path to get between the 2 areas). Conditions on upper cliffhanger were really nice this morning, and there were a few bumps on the side as well. 

Based on a conversation I had with a lift attendent the current plan is for Wintergreen to stay open thru the weekend, close midweek of next week, and then be open for a final weekend.

one year ago

Should also mention: according to their website Wintergreen is planning on making snow during the next snowmaking window, which should hopefully occur Friday thru Tuesday nights. Many thanks to Wintergreen for doing their best to extend the season in Virginia.

one year ago

I’m looking at a couple hours at WG this Sunday.  They seem to have the best conditons of the ramaining places,  Appalachian might be OK if they can make a LOT of snow Friday and Sat nights, but WG is looking better right now..

one year ago

Snow guns at wintergreen currently on. Good for them.

one year ago

Appalachian is also blasting away right now! I think they can probably get a strip open from the summit if they can get more made tonight and tomorrow night.  I’d prefer there since I have a credit I can use.  But, I’d do WG if anyone else wants to meet up there Sunday.

one year ago

Wintergreen managed to re-open Upper Turkey, so there are now a couple ways down in the Highlands area that both feed into lower turkey. If they are open midweek next week I will try to get out there again.

one year ago
Per Why’s FB page they will e open midweek next week. I will try to get out on Tuesday morning.

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