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Question for Snowshoe Rental Property Owners - Rental Management
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Updated 9 months ago
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9 months ago

Hello all,

This question is for owners of rental properties in Snowshoe. Who do you use for the management of the property and are you happy with them? I am seeing some places listed on VRBO, meaning someone has to come and turn the place over. Snowshoe Properties Management LLC seems to be the biggest but I think they charge an arm and a leg. Any other options? Just dipping my toes in the vacation rental management company pool and would like opinions. Thanks!

9 months ago

You basically have a few options:

1 - you already mentioned - and there are a few other real estate companies that do management at SS

2 - Snowshoe has a central reservations system that will manage it for you 

3 - Do it yourself via vrbo, airbnb, etc …. I can only speak for Mountain Lodge regarding turn over and we have our own onsite staff.  There are others here who own in different bldgs who could offer their thoughts on how they handle cleaning and linens.

9 months ago

Thanks, didn’t know about the real estate companies offering their own services. Guessing the ReMAX at the bottom of the mountain does this too, i’ll check with them. This would be for a rowhouse near Soaring Eagle/Top of the World. 

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