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Quality of Whitetail Night Skiing/Boarding?
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one year ago

Hi all - how are the conditions at Whitetail for night snowboarding during the week? Is it often icy or tracked out….OR is it decent due to low daytime traffic berehand? 

I’m a late beginner (can ride most local blues), but I still really struggle on icy days.   I’ve been several times during the day to most local ski hills, but I haven’t ventured out yet for a night trip.  (And with my work schedule, I could go up on a week night).

What’s the verdict….fun or frustrating? 

one year ago

Well…it depends.

Icy conditions are very weather related. Since your question removes higher volume weekend days, where the snow gets skied/boarded “off”, leaving hardpack; there can be some nice stuff still around on weeknights.

Key will be either a day where it stays below freezing, or one where it comfortably remains above, say 45, even at night. The latter is probably more your friend. All the better if it was a cloudy day, lessening the impact of the sun and the invariable water/slush from the day’s rays. The snow doesn’t harden at 32, it starts to get there around 40. Thus the higher temp target.

FWIW, if willing to endure it, a light rain or intermittent showers can keep the snow quite nice - and the trails very empty.

Later in the season, Snow Park off the Easy Rider lift can hold snow real well since it’s more northern facing. It’s a green with a dash of blue that seems right up your alley (and likely familiar). It is an undervalued “cruiser” relative to the blues under the high speed. 

Those are my tips. It’s not a day of the week thing; it’s more a weather at the moment thing.

one year ago

Thanks so much - that’s exactly what I needed! As a beginner, it’s tough to always decipher what weather conditions actually result in good skiing/riding conditions. This will help me look at the forecast + the conditions report,  and decide whether a given day is worth the drive….thanks!

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