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Liberty or Whitetail on MLK Day
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one year ago

We are looking to get out early and get a 1/2 day of skiing in on Monday (MLK day) and are looking at Whitetail or Liberty since they are the closest (I have to be home by 2 so would get there right when they open and ski 4 hours).   It’s been years since I’ve skied anywhere locally on weekends (usually go on weekdays when it’s wide open) and don’t want to spend my whole time waiting in lift lines.   My guess is that Liberty might be the better option with the backside having two lifts, but wanted to see if anyone had any experience with the two resorts on weekends and holidays.

JimK - DCSki Columnist
one year ago

I don’t ski those mtns a ton, but you are smart to go on Monday rather than Sat or Sun as I would think that would be the slightly lighter day of the three, all things being equal.   It used to be that the “expert” chair at Whitetail wasn’t too bad sometimes on weekends especially early in the day, so if you ski that a lot that would help your cause.  Backside at Liberty can be pretty popular, but overall I don’t think Liberty gets quite as crowded as Whitetail on weekends??  If you get there right at opening I think you should have a good time at either mtn.  It might depend on which one you feel like trying.  Go for it.

one year ago

I’ve never been to Liberty on a weekend, so can’t speak to crowds there.  I visit Whitetail on weekends all the time (although not usually holiday weekends).  The worst waits are always for the beginner lifts.  WT Express can get very busy but it’s a detachable, and they tend to do a good job of loading it (at least on weekends).  We frequently hit the singles line to speed things up.

That said, JimK is right that the place to go at WT (assuming you like the terrain) is the expert chair.  I tend to ski exhibition 90% of the time, with a few laps on far side, but I like moguls (not everyone does).  Even with a fixed grip, I rarely have issues with long waits over there.

one year ago

I went to Liberty last Sunday, and it wasn’t nearly as crowded as I thought it would be, possibly because it was pretty cold (but not uncomfortable). We go to both on weekends throughout the winter, and the key is to get there early. IN the parking lot by 7:40 to get booted up, walk from the parking lot, stop by the ticket window and hit the first chair at 8. It won’t start to get very crowded until about 11 I’d guess, right about time for you to be ready to head out at 12.

one year ago

IMHO Whitetail on holiday weekends much more crowded than Liberty.  Whitetail seems to attract more of the “it’s time to get out for my one day of skiing this winter” crowd.  I have been at Whitetail on a holiday weekend when they ran out of rental gear by lunch and the parking lot was out of spaces.  So while the Expert’s Choice line may never get crowded everything else can be a zoo.  Having said that my guess is Monday won’t be too bad, probably just typical weekend crowd level.

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