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7Springs receives $1m Grant
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Updated 4 months ago
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11 months ago

To open ‘event centers’ at 7S and HV with year-round food service???

Hard to discern exactly what this means…

11 months ago

Of course they gave it to the resort with the deepest pockets and most connected politically.  Why give it to a smaller mom and pop local business trying to survive and grow as a local business???

11 months ago

I didn’t know this until recently, but the beautiful renovation to the entrance of the Lodge at Laurel Mountain was also state funded to the tune of approximately $125K. And I was giving Bobby all of the credit for the Lodge renovation. Must be nice to be him… as part owner of an S-Corp, I wish I could just get 1 perk (or better yet, just 1 dollar) from the cash strapped state.

11 months ago

Wow, I keep thinking I need to learn more about grants and grant application. Some grants need 30 to 50% of owner/group funding. Grants then match. 

11 months ago

Here is what is says on the PA State Gov site for this program:

“This project will allow for the construction of two educational event centers with year round food service constructed at Seven Springs and Hidden Valley Resorts. Also the request seeks assistance to add en elevator and ADA compatable decking at Laurel Mountain Resort”  

Wonder what education they plan to provide?  Perhaps some sort of visitors center office to promote the resorts??  

11 months ago

Also, I noticed that the request on their application was for $3M, although they were granted the $1M.  One would assume they were not expecting the State to pay for everything and there were some level of matching $ from 7S, that would mean the project was in excess of $3M.

That woudl be quite a significant “Educational Exhibit”  They of course have year round food service at 7S, but that is definitely somethng that has been missing since the Nutting days at HV, and would wonder what that may look like: The location of the barn and former resturaunt on Route 31 would have much better exposure for a welcome center and year round resturaunt up at the Ski Lodge.  

5 months ago

Has anyone heard any more about this?  I was looking forward to a year round restaurant at Hidden Valley, but seems to be no more info out there on this after the grant was awarded. Since they only got $1M rather than the requested $3M in publc money, wonder if they decided not to to proceed it since would require spending more of their own money?

4 months ago

How about if some called the RACP grant program office to check on the status. You won’t get any info fro 7S.

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