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Blue Knob curiously flying under the radar
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one year ago

Blue Knob’s new owners managed to post two pics of their new fan guns… but with scant detail on other snowmaking repair and  upgrades… and their webcam still doesn’t work…  was hoping for something a little more exciting from the new owners in their inaugural season.


one year ago

Their facebook feed is interesting.

They have a new groomer and the new guns. Hopefully they’ll get both working ASAP.

Beyond that there are pictures of glade clearing from Nov 20th. Nice to see some recognition that glades matter.  If/when we get a solid storm Blue Knob is the place to be for glades.

The place has excellent terrain and it’s easy to get to. It’s a simple drive from Pittsburgh on almost all cleared roads.  What I’d love to see is some commitment to getting a base on all trails, from there let the snow do its work. What seems to have hobbled them in the past is they didn’t blow the required 18-24” of snow to coat the rocks. Then when it snows it’s a crap shoot whether you’ll hit anything or not.

These guys need a solid base everywhere. It’s not a big mountain, it should be easy to cover.  We’ll see what happens this year.

one year ago

I’m hoping they do well.  My sister lives 30 mins away, my son and I are off on Fridays and I see non holiday lift tickets on Fridays are only $28.99.

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