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Aspen for $6.50?
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one year ago

It seems Aspen under estimated the demand for $6.50 lift tickets after selling 12,000 of them!!!

I am sure there will be long long lift lines on December 15th. 



marzNC - DCSki Supporter
one year ago

Clearly they were expecting less demand and more open terrain at Snowmass when the promotion was announced seven months ago.  According to the Aspen Times article, the focus is now on off-snow activities.  Makes me think of SugarFest at Sugar Mountain in NC coming up this weekend.  That’s the traditional weekend for SugarFest but of course no one expects much to be open that early in the southeast so people plan accordingly.

With less open terrain, get the feeling that Aspen Co. is hoping a fair number of people won’t bother to show up.  Especially if they were planning on driving all the way from the Denver area.


JimK - DCSki Columnist
one year ago

Aspen for $6.50 - I guess a lot of folks figured that’s almost the price of a lottery ticket.  Buy it and use it if skiing is good, otherwise don’t waste the gas to drive to the mtn:-)

Skiing for 50 years while living in Virginia has tempered my drive for early season skiing (although I miss Wisp’s Birthday Weekend).  This is the time to be patient, then enjoy the heart of winter from late Dec to late Feb, and then take advantage of spring skiing after Pres Weekend and into March, when everyone goes golfing or gardening, but the slopes remain open and a lot of fun.

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