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We're Making Snow at Canaan Valley
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21 days ago

We will be dropping from the top in 25 days


19 days ago

It was 30 degrees at 9am at the bottom of the Mtn and just got colder all day…curious as to why uall decided to wait till tonite to blow?…were you blowing up high and out of sight of the Cam?….SS has been blowing all day but of course they are a little higher up….. per the CV cam at 8pm tgiving eve uall are not blowing at the base….just curious as to the thought process/Gameplan with Mtn Operations…
(19 degrees at 4350’ at 8pm )
         24 at 3400’

19 days ago

Actually, Snowshoe and other resorts were NOT blowing this morning due to high humidity and marginal temperatures. So I assume CV  was doing the same. Unfortunately we cannot seem to get an extended cold spell to allow for multiple days of snow making. That may change next week.

19 days ago

The wet bulb temp was around 26 degrees at 11am at the bottom of the Mtn…u can make snow…

19 days ago

It looked very foggy at the top early this morning at most of our mountains. Maybe a temp inversion? Anyway, we have a short window to get some snow on these mountains. I assume the idea for some is to open this weekend. 

18 days ago
Hopefully they were laying down a good base at the Tube run with the wetter earlier daytime snow making..they were supposed to have that running this weekend…tube run cam is down so could not tell…
5 days ago

CVR is blowing…Drop from the Top 12/15…Bring it!!!  Thanks Mike Chaney and the dedicated snowmaking crew at CVR!!!

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