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wait, WHAT? ROUNDTOP OPENED and nobody mentions it?
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Updated 4 days ago
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5 days ago

Roundtop popped open last weekend- similarly to their Thanksgiving “open” last year, with just the park.

But it counts!  Great job to be so aggressive, if even just for the marketing, with no hope of holding on to that snow.  


5 days ago

If nobody mentions it did it really happen?


5 days ago

Wow, seems like a proud as a peacock opportunity lost.  Pics don’t lie

Geez, 7S and SS see a few flakes and they flood social media with photos ……. and people go nuts.

5 days ago

Well, I’ll be danged.  ’Way to go, Roundtop!


5 days ago

Whitetail, Liberty, and Roundtop all had post advertising the hike park at roundtop. As a matter of fact roundtop had a nice teaser on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week looking at the weather.

The had this nice teaser for the J-Park For those of you that have never skied roundtop, it is small, but the environment is great. For me it is 1 hr 40 min drive, and I will try and get there a few times a season.

4 days ago

Last year Roundtop hung on after Liberty and Whitetail were forced to close after the insane February thunderstorms, and when we got that late winter cold snap they blew massive piles of snow and reopened almost the whole mountain.  Their new GM is really aggressive about terrain and he obviously has the green light from the Snow Time accountants… Kudos!

4 days ago

I remember that- they found a number of folks who “converted” to a new home mountain!  To be fair, RT is all Northern exposure; the other 2 are not- especially Whitetail.  A little easier to maintain coverage.

I’ve come to enjoy the variety and vibe at RT over the others. And the parking lot tailgating.  It’s just a tad further and not-so-straightforward of a drive for me, relative to Lib and WT.

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