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How much is not having to wax worth? New idea from DPS
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18 days ago

DPS is offering a new product via Kickstarter called Phantom that is called a Permanent Base Glide Treatment for skis and snowboards.  Regular price expected to be $100 to treat one pair of skis or one snowboard.  R&D took about a year.  Testing was done in New Zealand and South America during the summer of 2017.  DPS is targeting people who think their skis/boards only last about four years.

The Kickstarter campaign met the goal on Day 1 of a 30-day campaign.  Already over $50,000 from almost 500 people.  DPS did an eBlast to their eList and promoted on Facebook.

Thoughts?  Useful?  Silly?

18 days ago

I got the blast and checked out the kickstarter page and marketing info.  It’s advertised as penetrating throughout the base (ptex).  My question is does it withstand a base grind?  Could very well have an impact in rental market and those owners that ski just a few days a season.

17 days ago

Discussion on PugSki said it’s deep in to the base and they actually recommend base grinds every 30 days to refresh the sheen.  Unless it’s really cold or really warm my only gain from wax is storage to prevent rusted edges and oxidation.  This won’t protect the edges.  Also not thinking a grind every 30 days isn’t for people who keep skis more than one or two seasons

17 days ago

Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but here’s the Blister Gear review.

Turns out another product based on the same hydrophobic concept has been on the market in Europe for at least a season.  Look No Wax calls their product Juice.  Have decided to push the basic spray that retails for $20-25 instead of the “permanent” version that is around $100.

The FAQs on the Phantom Kickstarter page are worth reading.  In one of the infographics, the target audience is people who keep their skis/boards for about 4 years.  Think about who’s been buying DPS skis for powder skiing and backcountry.  DPS only started moving into the northeast and Mid-Atlantic market a year or two ago.  Founded in 2005, based in SLC.

17 days ago

I think I posted this last season, but I picked up a pair of DPS Wailer F99’s in March, and they are probably my favorite skis I’ve ever owned.  Ridiculously light and snappy.  Really amazing ski…

17 days ago

crgildart wrote:

Discussion on PugSki said it’s deep in to the base and they actually recommend base grinds every 30 days to refresh the sheen.

I missed that.  Who would grind every 30 days?  Not seeing the ROI here, unless you’re a rental shop saving labor, material & capital expenses for daily waxing.  Maybe.

15 days ago

There were testers at Loveland in October.  Their impressions were reported in SKI Magazine.  They skied on “three pairs of DPS Cassiar F95 skis to test: one pair freshly waxed, one pair nude (both skis are wax-free), and a third pair with a special technology installed in the base, called Phantom… .”

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