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FIS TV schedule?
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8 months ago

Does anyone know what channel(s) is/are showing the Alpine skiing this weekend in Solden? I have Verizon FIOS in Montgomery County. Last year, NBC picked up a bunch of the races, but it was a catch as catch can scenario. Some weeks it was Universal Sports, other weeks it was NBC Sports online (via Roku), other weeks it was a condensed Sunday night recap on NBC4. Appreciate the help.

8 months ago
8 months ago

johnfmh wrote:



Lots of Replays on the Olympic Channel. 


8 months ago

I recorded the women’s GS race on the Olympic channel. Thank god that I recorded it. The number of commercials was insane. I’m betting that more than half of the record time was dedicated to flogging the upcoming winter games. And to top it off, they reran the women’s race on Sunday morning because the men’s race was cancelled due to weather. 

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