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Massanutten 2017-18
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2 months ago

Since I plan to ski at Massanutten several times in January, thought I’d put all my notes in one place this season.

The big news for snowsports is that the water pipeline is almost finished.  Will add substantially to the amount of water available for snowmaking.  Last winter when there were cold snaps, lack of water was a significant reason why snowmaking was not optimal.  Mnut has a lot of automated snowguns that can put out a great deal of new snow in a short period of time when it’s cold and dry enough.  Looking forward to watching the webcams!

From the 10/6/17 press release:

Construction of a new, 2-mile-long water pipeline began in January 2017 and is scheduled to be completed and ready for the upcoming winter season.

“The additional water supply will allow us to better maximize our snowmaking opportunities and greatly improve snowmaking efficiency,” said Kenny Hess, Director of Sports & Safety. “We have also retro fitted some older snowmaking equipment for improved efficiency and added additional snowmaking equipment to our fleet.”

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