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4th and 5th grade Pass a great deal MD, DC, PA, WV, VA
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9 months ago

4th and 5th grade Pass a great deal MD, DC, PA, WV, VA https://www.skipa.com/deals/4th5th-grade-program

Best way to save with kids. This program for minimal $$$ will provide vouchers for the children at multiple PA resort locations.

Usually includes 2 vouchers for liberty, whitetail, and Roundtop and many more resorts.

Parents look into  http://skidome.org/skidome2/join/  to help cut your cost for the 6 visits.

over 10,000 visits that children took advantage of. 





8 months ago

DCSKI has a nice article up on this program. 35$ and need an adult lift paid. 2 snowpass kids per adult.  

An Adult can save along with the children —-  check out skidome.org NCC pass.   edfowler (@) skidome.org for details 

Ad: Seven Springs Mountain Resort

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