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Photobucket Terms and Conditions: Images missing...
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6 days ago

So this definetly impacts people on this site. Photobucket changed the terms of service to block sharing from 3rd party sites on free accounts. As a matter of fact the cheapest account allowing it is almost $400 a year.


I skimmed through a few threads and there are definetly images missing… first epic ski and now photobucket.

What are others using to host images? Does google, amazon, or iCloud have something that allows you to share images via third party, those 3 options seem like the least likely to dissapear or change the terms and conditions out of nowhere. Even if photobucket reverts this I will likely be closing my account once I move my photos…

5 days ago

I use Facebook for some of my pics that I share with family and friends as well as here.  

5 days ago

I stopped using PB a few years ago when their upload tool stopped playing nice with my main leisure PC.  Sucks what they’re doing.  Changing what was allowed for nearly a decade in a ransomware type extortion to get $400 from everyone.  That said, there is really nothing to stop Facebook and Instagram and everyone else from doing the same thing, suddenly changing their policy to demand money from everyone sharing links across other forums.

Not sure what’s worse, site collapsing in bankruptcy or site extorting money from people to keep their links active..

4 days ago

I use PB on this and other sites.  My recent pics embedded in the State of Shoe thread seem alive and well.

3 days ago

Bonzski wrote:

I use PB on this and other sites.  My recent pics embedded in the State of Shoe thread seem alive and well.

There is a data limit threshold where they stop allowing the links to be shared. When you pass it ALL your links get blocked, even theones you already had there before you pass the limit.  And, it’s lower than the total limit before they start charging you to upload additional things.  I was at 67% of the total allowed when the policy change put me over the limit for sharing links.  I deleted my account today.  Hadn’t done anything there in three years anyway using MS OneDrive, FB, and Google for all my other cloud storage and back ups. 

3 days ago

For a number of years I used EpicSki as a free host for hundreds of my high res ski photos including many posted here in the DCSki forums………that didn’t turn out so well when EpicSki went defunct earlier this year:-(  All those photo links broke.

I can still make new posts of some of my photos from there by using photo URLs from the portion of Epicski pages that made it to the wayback machine:  https://web.archive.org/web/20161202223217/Caution-http://www.epicski.com , but it’s very tedious to go back and “patch” missing photos to old posts or articles.

For better or worse I was never a user of photobucket.  I’ve found a couple of other ski-related sites that might serve as photo hosts in the future, but the EpicSki thing taught me a lesson to do a better job backing up and archiving my old photos on a personal hard drive.   I’ve been grateful for all the years Scott has run DCSki and hosted photos in my articles, but I know the continuation of this site is totally out of the goodness of his heart and not something to take for granted.

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