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4 days ago

A Basin just got hit with almost 2 feet of fresh with another foot possible by the time it stops.

If this keeps up they just might make July 4.http://www.summitdaily.com/news/summit-county-slammed-by-spring-storm-i-70-an-utter-mess/?utm_source=boomtrain&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=local-news-flash





3 days ago
Yep..snow way down to denver on may 19th…April 26th is the average date for end of season snow….
2 days ago


I’ll be going there over Memorial Day weekend.  Attending a family event in Boston.  The inscrutable nature of air travel, fares, timing, etc., has us there 2 days longer than necessary.  My non-skiing wife will happily spend those days shopping with family and friends.  What can I do?   Hmmmm.  Why not bring skis?  For many of the VA years I ended the ski season at “The Rockpile”.  It would be so nice to renew my friendship with that great mountain one more time.  



Enjoy, but protect your arm!

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Sharpen your edges. And pencils.
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