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one year ago

One of the things about ski country newspapers is that they include information of interest to skiers/riders. This one is an eight part series about knee injuries/surgeries/recovery. Five parts have been written. Three parts haven’t. Here’s a link to the first part. Links to the other parts are included in the article.



lbotta - DCSki Supporter
one year ago

Great article.  My cousin’s family came over to visit and ski and and her husband blew out his ACL.  Which limited the rest of their vacation as he was on a wheelchair, although Killington came through in a marvelous manner.  They put him on an accessible gondola, took him on his wheelchair to the top, and transported him to the Peak Lodge where he was able to telework and admire the amazing scenery, and that way the family could ski while keeping an eye on him and having him not feel lost……

I’m sending them the article as he’s scheduled for surgery on the 19th.  

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
one year ago

For those who haven’t seen it, the Knee Friendly Tips for the two most common ways that people end up with an ACL injury when skiing (and falling) are worth a careful read.  The first is called the Phantom Foot ACL and the second is the Boot Induced ACL.  These are non-contact situations.

The key suggestions for both situations boil down to:

1.) Arms forward.
2.) Feet together.
3.) Hands over skis.

one year ago

The 8th part of the 8 part series was just published. So, I’ll bring the topic back to the top of the list for anyone who missed the original post.

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