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Sunday River to close out my season.
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one year ago

3 of us managed to get 2 days in this weekend at Sunday River.  We were on the fence as the weather forecast was so - so early on.  We arrived at 4 PM on Thu, walked into a rental agency and grabbed a 2 BR slopeside condo.  I’d say 75% of their skiable terrain was open.  Several of their natural ski areas were closed.

The weather gods blessed us with a chilly day on Fri in the mid 20’s then rewarded us with about 3 - 4 inches of fresh snow Friday evening.  Friday was empty and we skied up to every lift.  We skied from about 9 - 3 and it started snowing right about 3 PM.

Sat was a lot more crowded but nothing like we are used to at Snowshoe.  I don’t think we ever waited more than 5 mins for a lift.  We skied from about 8 - 2.

The place reminded me of a smaller version of Breckenridge.   Several peaks scattered across a mountain range with lifts servring every peak.

Great experience for my first time in Maine.  I’ll definitely return again.

Pics below


one year ago

Good spring to go north.  I was there a few years ago.  Big time operation.  I think they get a lot of Bostonians in regular season, but also some Canadians in spring heading “south” to milder climes:-)

one year ago

Great mountain(s).  I once got stuck on a chair there with a well below zero wind chill! Brr!!!


one year ago

Me n the misses went north early a few years back to get some Tgiving skiing in…started in New hampshire at Wildcat then moved over to Sunday river and got  a dirt cheap room at the Jordan..Still there?….Matthew Perry was in the lobby…cool….Had my West Va camos on..door boy chuckled and wished me happy hunting…Mudda…
All good…views of mt Washington from both areas were awesome…Wildcat views of the big boy were crazy for someone like us that have stayed south to that point….
Sunday River was stretched out and had a lot of variety with modern lifts…loads of fun!….The Roaring Plains of WV remind me of Sunday R….stretched out with loads of drop downs….one dream was to do such that with the highest plateau east of the Rockies…..oh well….head North young man!

one year ago

Today at the River…..
“you don’t usually think of margaritas and powder days as a common pair but it turns out they are a perfect match! Today, we have plenty of both with over a foot of snow and Spring Festival action in full swing on White Cap.

Today will surely go down as one for the books. As of 2PM it is still dumping…absolutely dumping. There are more than enough refills on the trails and in the woods with plenty refills of the liquid variety for the Margarita Mixoff. Snow is forecast to continue throughout the day so don’t worry about extending that mid-day margarita break, there will be leftovers for days.

Enjoy the fun!

one year ago

Oh..Btw…awesome post blue don….great pics!

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