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Hidden Valley Opening Tomorrow 3/15
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one year ago

So, Hidden Valley, which had previously closed for mid-week skiing, announced that they will reopen for mid-week skiing tomorrow (Wednesday) thru Friday, from 9am - 4pm, in order to take advantage of the new snow.  Well deserved cudos to B. Nutting for making the most of a bad-weather season.

one year ago

I hope skiers will show up in support. The place has been empty mid-week. I skied Vermont (Killington/Okemo) last week and conditions were sugar snow and boiler plate. Upon leaving Friday afternoon, my wife and I decided to drive to HV after hearing about the 8” of snow they received. We arrived at 1:30 am to find the snow guns on full force. We skied Saturday and Sunday and the conditions were much better than Vermont. With such great conditions I was surprised they were closed mid-week. The crowds this weekend were decent, not large. I assume there are diminishing returns for opening mid-week. I wish I could be there. Work gets in the way again!!!!

one year ago

I checked the webcam out today and I have yet to see one skier? Makes no sense to open if no one shows up. Maybe night skiing would attract more skiers??  Maybe they need to figure out how to get more mid-week skiers? People griped and complained that they were closed during the week and the people who gripe and complain don’t show up.

one year ago

I’m guessing Wednesdays were pretty slow all season.  Most people work.  The “occassional/non passionate” skier is checked out at this point anyways and probably just annoyed with the cold weather.

It’s kind of sad that this is the most winter-like the web cams have looked all year.

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