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OK, DCSkiers, Time to take advantage of good conditions
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one year ago

Should be great conditions at the local hills that have kept it going…Snowshoe, and a few others still plan on staying open late into March.  Obviously keeping the slopes in decent shape has been expensive.   So now it is we, the skiers, turn to pay back.  Take a couple days off over the weekend and next week, get out and enjoy the slopes with plenty of discounts available!!!  Reminder, call ahead for latest conditions!!!

Both Timberline and Canaan Valley will be open this weekend!!  Just noticed that TL will be holding their Snowy Luau annual weekend events!  A little more notice would have been nice!!! Grab a room at Canaan Valley Lodge and enjoy Snowy Luau at TL on Sat and then close out Canaan Valley season on Sunday!!!   Then take short drive to SS for a couple of weekdays days!


one year ago

We ski’d a bunch of pretty sweet powder runs last night at Timberline!!  The night before this current snow, they still had tons of base and zero bare spots on what that have open. They took advantage of the snowmaking window last week and it paid off. As critical as some of us are about the areas, I like to acknowledge the good also. Tline has a good product right now, given all the variables and comparisons. 

one year ago

I did my part as best I could this season ;) Went to Roundtop for the first time today since they are the only Snowtime Inc resort open to use my pass. 75% of the trails were open and I imagine they will be 100% again by Monday.  The vertical is small and the lifts slow, it it was fun and they had a lot of good skiers on the slopes. Everyone was friendly and happy to have good weather. I’ve never seen people tailgating for breakfast?



one year ago

Bdw611 wrote:

…I’ve never seen people tailgating for breakfast?

Yea, the tailgate scene at Roundtop is so “refreshing” compared to the antiseptic Whitetail. The snow was decent there today, but not as good as last weekend, when the guns were on until the afternoons. Hope they blow tonight. I don’t think it’ll get back to 100% though, but would be pleasantly surprised if they put efforts into that.



one year ago

Good post and good points Colonel.  

And Roundtop?!?  Duly impressed by them.  I got there Wednesday for the same reasons bdw611 did on Friday:  They are open!  Not many skiers, but we all enjyed the sunshine, snow and spring temperatures.  Great day.

Hope you are confortable and recovering well, Colonel.


one year ago

Whitetail is my home base and has a lot of great things to offer, but you are right about the antiseptic crowd. I think that is what you get with day skiers from DC (I’m guilty of being one of them). I knew Roundtop was going to be a good mountain when getting my boots on trying to make the first chair locals where asking me where I was from and helping me navigate the base area. I hear they have a new general manager which might be part of the change in the snow making. Small things like modernizing the website help a lot. If I could figure out how to post a picture I would show you the beer for breakfast crowd. 

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
one year ago

Massanutten has decided to keep the slopes open for week based the forecast for this week.  Taking a break on Monday, 3/13.

3/12/17 Snow Conditions Report

“Due to the forecasted snowstorm on Monday/Tuesday, Massanutten will be extending our season until March 19. We will be closed Monday March 13 and reopen March 14-19 for daily operations from 9am - 5pm.  Given the uncertainty of the storm track, operational hours may change, please check back here or call ahead for updates.   

The ski slopes and snow tubing will are open today from 9 am - 5 pm. Late season rates are in effect. “

one year ago

Buddy who lives in Deep Creek said Wisp plans to reopen this week …….. 

one year ago
Great news for Mnut. When I called them last week I was told they would not be open midweek. Glad they changed their mind.
one year ago

Going to try to make it out to MNut tuesday morning. Will not be able to head out until then - would have preferred to go up the night before.

one year ago
Camp/Woody, Did RT have any bumps?
one year ago

SCWVA wrote:

Camp/Woody, Did RT have any bumps?

Not really, just “day bumps” on Lower Ramrod and the top of a trail lookers right from the Minuteman lift.

one year ago

Go get it folks!  Wish I could.  With a family wedding this weekend and work all week I’m probably done for this season.

one year ago

Skiied this morning at Massanutten. Snow amount fell on the low side of prediction - I would say around 3 inches. I was talking to someone on the lift who told me that Bryce got around 10 inches…if only the snow had pushed just a *little* further south…

Anyway the skiing was good. First couple of runs on Diamond Jim were really good but things got tracked out after that. Got some low-angle powder on the side of Lower Showtime after that (Upper was closed, but I side-stepped up a bit to extend the run a little) and finished with a few more runs on DJ.

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