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Laurel Mountains 1st Season
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3 years ago

From their Facebook page, this Sunday was the last day of the season for Laurel. This season was the 1st time I ever skiied there, and it was truly amazing. The lift, the slopes, the lodge, all of it was truly well done. 


Looking to next season and seasons to come, what does everyone think Laurel should do (More Snowmaking, More Runs, More lifts, etc…) to both remain open and improve their offering?

3 years ago

MORE snow making.  Both their neighbors are still open.  (HV weekends only)

3 years ago

It was certainly a challenging weather year to open a ski area. I think they ought to purchase some portable fan guns that they can use to supplement those stick guns. The fan guns do not require Compressed air supply, only water. I think they can also produce more snow, can target a specific area and are not as susceptible to wind. 

I skied ther twice this year and I think the place is special. I also think the Wildcat Lounge is one of the best ski bars in the area.  I hope they meet or exceed their season pass goals for next season.

3 years ago

Next year will be better.   Lets hope for a 200” year. 

3 years ago

I think that the whole Laurel Mountain staff did an exceptional job this very fickle season. From mountain ops to lodge staff, from ski school to the Patrol, you couldn’t ask for a more professional or friendly folks. For those who waited for that one big snow to open the entire mountain, you missed some excellent skiing. I even had the chance to ski shin deep over machine groomed on Lower Wildcat then cut first tracks on Laurel and Snow Bowl au natural. But this brings me to Laurel’s most glaring need expanded snowmaking.

There a a few less expensive ways to do it. One would be to put snowmaking on Lincoln Highway. That might be the least expensive as the snowmaking piping are on either side on Innsbruck and Broadway. That would give you another blue top to bottom run. Another option would be to add snowmaking from The Slot down to lower Dream Highway. This would give you a blue alternative from Upper Wildcat as well as another out from the natural snow terrain under the chair on the upper mountain, Laurel Run, Snow Bowl (upper liftline) and the crisscrossing trails on the upper mountain between the chair and the lodge known to the Patrol and the locals as the Kitty Cats.

The really bold plan would be to cover the entire upper mountain including Dream Highway as well as an new cut extension of Laurel Run to the bottom. That would get you an upper mountain playground that would feed to a new expert Lower Laurel Run and a top to bottom blue Dream Highway. Of course that means more than doubling the existing snowmaking including building water storage capacity. As I said, really bold plan.

One thing they really need is a modern beginner’s magic carpet lift. Swiss Mountain pointed that out at the beginning of the season. The ski school would really appreciate it.

3 years ago

I seconde LHC comment regarding LM.  One item I would love to see is better slope lighting and more sustainable renewable enrgy on property especially since the state is the owner.

3 years ago

Close on the heels of my return from Vermont last Sunday, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Larry Walsh article about the local season was published. Larry reviews the region’s fickle weather’s affect on local resorts and the contributions PA resorts make to the local economy. Laurel’s first season is of particular note.

The 2016-17 ski season: One long downhill slope

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